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Residence Permits

For those seeking access to the Schengen zone and its benefits, our team of legal experts at Greekadvocates is the ultimate choice.
With our incomparable knowledge and experience, we will plan the process of obtaining a residence permit with you and ensure its fastest possible issuance.
For a decade now we have been offering specialized and comprehensive legal services, covering the entire spectrum of residence permits.
Hundreds of families have trusted our responsibility and expertise, rewarding our lawyers with the leading position in the field of immigration law.
Investments, employment, studying or whatever else you wish to realize within the geographical limits of the Schengen Agreement – we are ready to make your «European» dreams come true.

Our team


Chrysa Deligianni

Attorney at Law

Anna Egkiazarova

Attorney at Law

Real Estate Purchase

The daily oversight of the legal framework in the field of real estate, the expertise and experience of the team of legal experts at Greekadvocates in the procedure of real estate purchase and investments, give our clients the confidence and certainty in the implementation of all of their plans, however complex, with clear knowledge of the advantages of any investment, accurate information regarding each element of the case and clear, accurate comprehension of the situation at each step of the process.
The team of legal experts at Greekadvocates, provides legal services and undertakes the representation of the persons concerned, during the sale and purchase procedure, long and short term rental of residential and / or commercial real estate, property management, purchase of plots of land and construction of buildings.
The nature and seriousness of real estate transactions require meticulous legal review and ongoing legal monitoring to prevent any severe implications and irreparable situations in the future.
Our clients have the supreme confidence, that from the very beginning of the process, during the negotiations and until the end, they will have full legal coverage, able to deter any threat and achieve the desired results, without uncertainties. Years of experience with representing foreign clients, we consider our top priority to be providing timely and accurate information to our clients at each step, action and the intermediate result of these actions, explaining the legal particularities of the proceedings in Greece and prompt communication in the client's language.

Latest News

Tax exemption for property acquired through adverse possession
Tax exemption for property acquired through adverse possession

Pursuant to the decision of the Council of State, property, the ownership rights of which, were received through adverse possession, is not subject to taxation, due to the fact that the owners did not pay any price for its acquisition. In particular, the decision states that, according to the Income Tax Code, the established presumption of a taxable income, due…

Unconstitutional state tax claims

The State Council of Greece recognized the constant extensions of the state’s tax claims as unconstitutional On the basis of the Decision No. 675/2017 of the Greek State Council, the continuous extensions of the statute of limitations of the State against the taxpayers is contrary to the principle of the security of law, which is derived from the principle of…

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